Day 30 – My slice of heaven on earth

There where my roots are. And no, I’m not talking about my hair. I am talking about where my roots lie: namely in Italy. Southern Italy. One of the most amazing destinations: Apulia.

This place means a lot to me: it is where I can practice mindful breathing, and do it consciously. It is where my family originally comes from… I wish I had asked more questions of my grandmother and grandfather when they were alive. If I could go back in time, I would have told my teenage self to pay more attention to their narrations and anecdotes, their wisdom, and appreciate their presence in my life.

(I took this picture during my last holiday in August 2017 from the Basilica of Santa Maria “De finibus terrae”, which means “at the ends of the earth”. Also standing on this promontory with Santa Maria di Leuca is the famous lighthouse.)

Day 27 – Your first kiss

It was different than what I’d imagined it would be. I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn’t at all. I was unsure of what to do, but it was so easy to be comfortable with him, although the surroundings were bizarre: it was in an ambulance. After a car crash in a blazing summer day. It was kinda confusing, scaring and weird… But an ecstatic excitement.

Day 23 – Fifteen things you are grateful for in life

I’m thankful for…

… my family. Especially my parents. My biggest fans and most honest critics.
… my friends, who are actually my chosen family.
… love, because the world sure would be a different place if we lacked the ability to love.
… freedom.
… music. Imperative.
… my temper. I count it as a positive and not a negative trait! #sorrybutnotsorry
… health.
… my job.
… smartphones and internet.
… London!
… travelling and the sea.
… the colors, especially pink! 🙂
… make-up (… no, really. Thank you!)
… coffee.
… last but definitely not least: that special, extraordinary, unique, essential person! ❤

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Day 21 – Your favorite Disney princess

Well, I think I would say: Tiana. The African American heroine of „The Princess and the Frog“… A hardworking waitress who dreams of opening her own restaurant. A true workaholic! With her, I share a strong sense of integrity; I have got raised with the firmly believes, that nothing deserves to be obtained in the world unless it’s done through hard work. Tiana is a talented, ingenious and a gifted young woman. I love her, because she’s tenacious and doesn’t need anyone to do things for her. Aaaand… In a personality test, Facebook did doubtless ascertain, that Tiana and me; we’re the same! And if Mark Zuckerberg’s calculated that, it must be like this. We are ambitious, passionate and imaginative.

But, you know… I also adore the fiery redhead princess Merida! Not exactly a Damsel in distress… The short-tempered princess rules her Scottish kingdom, but is torn between doing what’s expected of her and following her heart. She lives out her rebellious, brave, stubborn and free spirit just as I would wish for myself. Exactly like her, I resemble to my father: both of us tend to be unruly, impulsive and loud. I love this medieval tale, not only because the score for “Brave” was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, but also because I spend a couple of days in that those beautiful Highlands: mind-blowing landscapes – it really doesn’t get any better if you want to escape and unwind.

Day 16 – A letter to someone, anyone

To you.

Once you told me, you want someone to love, someone to take care for… You said, you do not have castle, but a heart to live in. And I’ve fallen for you.

I’ve fallen for your big heart, which has been mistreated too often,
I’ve fallen for your beauty, not just the beauty one can obviously see in your face, but also the beauty you have inside; the beauty of your soul,
I’ve fallen for your laugh, which is utterly contagious,
I’ve fallen for your smile which makes me giddy for no reason at all,
I’ve fallen for our late nights spent talking and for all those times I fell asleep with you in my ears,
I’ve fallen for how you can make my day better, even if I was on the verge of tears a minute before,
I’ve fallen for every second I get to spend with you, even if those seconds will always leave me wanting for more,

… Although we do fight over things, it only brings us closer.

I heart you.

Day 13 – Put your music on shuffle, and post the titles of the first 10 songs

  • Rumour has it
    A like Adele or: Adoration! Always in 1st 
  • Salvami
    “Saaaaaalvaaaaamiiiii…”, the real Adele in my life, my little sister ADE. The charming rock-fairy with the tremendous voice. Go and have a look on her youtube: or facebook:

  • Amen
    Takes up a lot of space on my iTunes: Italian music. An accurate twenty-four carat singer: Francesco Gabbani.
  • Part of your world
    Here we go… You got me: I’m a gargantuan Disney-fan… And probably a mermaid in my previous life.
  • Amico
    Renato Zero. The unquestionable Italian legend. His lyrics are authentic and pure avant-garde.
  • Jimmy’s Rap (from “Dreamgirls”)
    Jimmy’s got soul for sure… But he is also nutty as a fruitcake. Perfect mix! Love his crazy vibes.
  • How does a Moment last forever
    Again (and forever): Disney. Sorry but no sorry!
  • Suddenly, Seymour
    Another masterpiece by Alan Menken. Tiny singer, big voice. Impressive Ellen Greene.
  • Rule the world
    I fell in love with Take That half an eternity ago. This song especially remembers me to a great trip with two of the best guys I have met in my life.
  • One night only
    Both, the soul ballad and the disco version are terrific. But I become more and more sympathetic with the ballad, performed by the character of Effie White. A very beautiful sad story.

Day 7 – Best feelings in the world

A smile from that special someone,
Putting on sweatpants after wearing jeans all day,
Knowing everything will be okay,
Packing for a vacation,
Making a stranger smile,
Receiving hand-written letters,
The amazing lightheartedness of children,
When someone tells you they never want to lose you,
Finding those jeans that fit perfectly,
Go for a stroll through London (and have a coffee at Neal’s yard or Somerset house)
Knowing you found THE perfect one…

Day 4 – A recent picture of you and 10 interesting facts about yourself

– I’m terrified of spiders, they’re the one creature I cannot deal with.

– I could watch “Murder, she wrote” or “King of Queens” over and over again without ever getting bored! I’ve probably seen every episode 100 times. They’re classic!

– When I find a song I like, I’ll listen to it on repeat until I get sick of it. Then I’ll sing the lyrics to my mum until she goes nuts.

– I don’t have any tattoos, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get one soon enough. *yaaaaay*

– I don’t like alcoholics, but I fancy soft drinks… I’m a cheap date!

– I hardly ever wear jewellery. I just find them uncomfortable!

– Addictions? COFFEE! I am obsessed with it… There’s nothing like the first sip of hot coffee on a cold day.

– I think and dream in Italian, even my conscience thinks it sounds better!

– I don’t like green food.

– When it comes to men, I have extremely high standards. That is why I chose my boyfriend 😉