I was tagged for #20factsaboutme on Instagram… So I thought to share that with you:

  1. I am 100% Italian but born and raised in Switzerland.
  2. I wholeheartedly fell in love with England, precisely with London as I was 24 years old. I call it: my adoptive home.
  3. I am a free spirit; I need my freedom. As soon as I feel hemmed, I absolutely take flight. A true Aquarius!
  4. I had a wonderful and amazing childhood… Like a dreamy fairy-tale straight out of a picture book.
  5. The first language I learned was Italian. Then I’ve learned German, French and English.
  6. I adore my “FRAMILY”, my given and also my chosen family (my friends).
  7. My mum is my best friend. Tho… I cannot deny taking after my dad… Physically and characterially #shorttempered
  8. I always had serious weight issues. Already as a child. My reached my upper limit when I was 30 years old: 182 kg. After a surgery, I lost almost 100 kg.
  9. Immense passion: to sing aaaand: musicals. Wanna know which one the most? Check: https://thisiswhyimvanella.wordpress.com/2017/05/14/life-is-a-cabaret-or-rather-a-musical/ Yeah, speaking of it: after a very, very careful consideration, I started my own blog. I was kinda shy and hesitant. But some of my best friends encouraged me to go for it. So I did.
  10. WTF; yes! I’m a laundry-maniac… Big hobby!
  11. I’m crazy about kids; I’m attached to my godchildren Enola and Nael. My biggest dream is to have a child by myself once… Or two… Or three…
  12. I am a photography-enthusiasm…
  13. Sitcom-Junkie here! “How to get away with a murderer”, but also old ones, as “Murder, she wrote” (Jessica rules) and “Golden girls” and of course “The king of Queens”.
  14. I totally fancy English novelist and poet, such as Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë.
  15. Since I lost weight, I have a dress-obsession!
  16. I love to laugh!
  17. It’s always the right time for a coffee. Always, anywhere and anytime!
  18. Sarcasm; just one of the many services I offer.
  19. I’m an early bird. Even on weekends… On holidays… Just always.
  20. My travel-drive made me find the best man on earth on the other side of the world, and I fondly love him ❤

Life is a cabaret… Or rather a musical!

And musicals are my life! Why? Isn’t it evident? Yes, as simple as that: sound, music, magic, inspiring lyrics and a lot of tears! This music is a beneficial drug and can personify emotions in life if written well and it’s a source of incessant inspiration and expression.

I am not an expert, or a captious critic – I am just driven by my emotions.

So, ladies and gentlemen… This is my top ten:

10) Sister Act
Based on the zany 1992 film comedy of the same name that starred Whoopi Goldberg, the musical play “Sister Act” is made by musical composer Alan Menken and Glen Slater, who teamed up on the lively score. And they made it. Everything is so FA-BO-LOUS BABY: the vibrant and sassy Deloris and the rest of the full-throated Troupe and the great songs (and spectacular lyrics) … Two hours of pure energy and soul! Absolute favourite song: “The Life I Never Led”… *sigh* (story of my life)!


9) Elisabeth
Viennese, the only German-language musical I can bear. This play tells the story of Elisabeth, also well-known as “Sissi”, the fascinating Empress of Austria, going from 1854 to her murder in 1898 at the hands of Luigi Lucheni, through the lens of her growing obsession with the Death, the only one thing that keeps her emotionally stimulated. And the song “Last dance”, that she duets with the dark and sensual shadow of Death, is a wonderful hymn and express exactly what she really feels… Impressed by the stage design, which is majestically grandiose.


8) Miss Saigon
Like in every masterpiece, there is the Italian hand in it. Miss Saigon isn’t an exception. Yap… In fact, the musical is based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly, and similarly tells the tragic tale of a doomed romance involving an Asian woman abandoned by her American lover. That is one of the reason, I agreed to go to theatre to check, if the heat is actually on… In Saigon. What else? Oh, yes: the cast and my predilection for actors and actress in supporting roles makes me just adore Rachelle Ann Go and Hugh Maynard. Further, the Music of Claude-Michel Schönberg makes me shed a lot of tears, before all else “Please” and the the ode “Bui Doi”.


7) Lion King
Disney galoooore! Right. Lion King is one of the most popular Disney animated musicals. The level of detail in the costumes, make up and puppetry is utterly staggering. It knocked me out of my socks from minute one, as Rafiki calls the animals to Pride Rock. Timon and Pumbaa are a blast and all the songs (really all of them) sent me into a time warp. Childhood memories, fun and a terrific show, makes me feel Hakuna Matata! Absolutely in love with „He lives in you“ and „Shadowland“.


6) Wicked
The celebration of diversity! The ultimate description on the nature of good and evil who takes place in the Land of Oz, in the years leading to Dorothy’s arrival. One of the best part about Wicked is that it shows, that even if you are different, you can overcome adversity and achieve great things. Not to mention I get chills every time I listen to Elphaba singing “Defying Gravity”. Shouldn’t I feel like her? Misunderstood, smart, fiery and in unrequited love with the guy, that will (of course) choose Galinda, the beautiful, blonde, popular girl? Why certainly! Go team-emerald-green-skin!


5) The Phantom of the Opera
Based on the French novel Le fantôme de l’Opéra, its central plot revolves around the beautiful and frail Christine who becomes the obsession of a mysterious, disfigured musical genius living in the subterranean labyrinth beneath the Opera. It was my first real Musical at West End. OMG! I was so, so excited. I so wanted to be the Angel of Music! I was in love with him, Erik, The Phantom and never with Raoul. “The Point of No Return“, „Think of Me“, „The music of the night” and „Prima Donna“ are my absolutely my most beloved pieces and I tried so hard to impersonate Christine and Carlotta… But no way!


4) Les Miserables
2-4-6-0-1!!!! “Les Misérables” presents audiences with a stage full of singers who, one by one, have a chance to step into the spotlight, and astonish with the mighty heft and range of their voices. Les Miz are a lot of stories, sad stories, amalgamate magnificently in one big classic by Victor Hugo. I just love the melancholy, the strength and the songs of this tale, because sometimes you just like to sit in your room and cry and think about how difficult life was for people in early-19th century France, okay?


3) Kinky Boots
Well, I just shiver when I think of it: the lovely, beautiful, sassy Lola has become a beacon for many who feel their differences are something to be ashamed of. Lola loves who she is, completely and unabashedly, even when others do not. She helps Charlie to love who he is, and to pursue something he is truly passionate about. We could all learn a lesson from this diva! Cindy Lauper gave her best with those exhilarating songs! And, THAT favourite quote: “Burgundy. Please, God, tell me I have not inspired something burgundy. Red. Red. *Red*. *Red*, Charlie boy. *Red*! Is the colour of sex! Burgundy is the colour of hot water bottles! Red is the colour of sex and fear and danger and signs that say, Do. Not. Enter. All my favourite things in life.” I admit. I am in love with Lola and I truly wish, I could be like her: resolute, passionate and fierce!


2) Aladdin
I JUST WENT BANANAS! What can I say about this hilarious show? It was the perfect closure of my birthday, last 21. January (thanks to Flavio – you know), as I saw it for the first time! It wasn’t “a whole new world”, as I know by heart each and every word of each and every song. And also, the story was based on the animated film of 1992… The familiar tale of how a poor young man discovers a genie in a lamp and uses his wishes to marry the princess that he loves and to thwart the Sultan’s evil Grand Vizier. Incontestably star turn: he, the Genie! MY GOSH… Trevor Dion Nicholas is beyond any doubt a genius and a brilliant showman; he sings, dances, performs magic, makes me laugh and cry at the same time and: HE ROCKS! Superb show, hope to catch it again. HYPE!


1) Dreamgirls
O.K.A.Y.! I How shall I describe the feeling I had, as Amber Riley sang at only 2 meters’ distance from me “And I am telling you, I’m not going”?! I need to google that… Let me try “how do you feel like, when your heart is skipping 2 beats at once and you find yourself in a dimension of a big yabba-dabba-doo and you’re kinda crying and smiling at the same time?” Palpitations galore. Chocked up. Ravished. Sexed up! OMG. Did I say that? Hahaha… I just adored EVERYTHING. No words needed, sorry! These people are just terrific. Gutsy Riley is a notch above them all, underplaying her melismatic skill, her voice switching from a dagger to a whisper. All-time favourite. R&B is Sorry, Genie – Girl-Power wins. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, magical, mystical, irresistible, cosmical, a wonderful overkill! PEW, PEW, PEW!

First b’day bash for „thisiswhyimvanella“

Hello peeps!

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and boy are “they” right! Exactly one year ago today, on 6. January 2016, I hit that “publish” button on my very first blog post „https://thisiswhyimvanella.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/non-ci-voglio-pensare-ora/„ too early but oddly enough: everything went well! The last 12 months has been a real blast, and yes, there have been ups and downs, but I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made with this blog:

43 posts in
3 different languages
2’760 views and


1’720 visitors from 37 (!) different countries:

Switzerland, Italy, Germany, USA, Spain, UK, France, India, Austria, Thailand, Brazil, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ireland, Hungary, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, South Korea, Emirates, Japan, The Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Cosa Rica, Macedonia, Israel, Nepal, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Czech Republic, Sweden, Canada, Macau and Cyprus!


After all: I’m happy that I pushed that button. I’m happy that I took that leap of faith, and jumped into a world that I knew absolutely nothing about. It is one of the most beautiful journeys, I have stepped on. Even though; the journey is incomplete without the support you all have shown me. I can never thank you guys enough for your support and encouragement post after post!



PS: New year – new style. More colors and more possibilities to filter the posts by language.

PPS: Why missing one of my posts? Subscribe to the e-mail newsletter or follow me on my socials: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/antonella.cucinelli) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/vanellart/).

my favorite things.

maria in „the sound of music“, was singing about her favorite things, like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles, snowflakes that stay on her nose and eyelashes and silver white winters that melt into springs. – well. i thought that was a good idea: to select things to fill my mind with when times are bad. for 2016, they were the following ones:


  1. my blog: my friends, especially one of them, had to do a lot of convincing but at the end I did it; i started www.thisiswhyimvanella.wordpress.com with this post https://thisiswhyimvanella.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/non-ci-voglio-pensare-ora/ (partially written in italian and english)
  2. january, 21st. special date, for me and ade, another aquarius-girls.
  3. only couple of days after my birthday another non-consanguineous nephew was born! 🙂 welcome gioele.



  1. my surgery.
  2. the fact, there were no medical complications during the surgery.
  3. the day i left the hospital and went back home after my surgery.



  1. my new glasses. burberry baby.
  2. the new movie with omar sy (chocolat). popcorn and a coke for me…
  3. the second birthday of my godson, nael.



  1. jesus christ superstar with my musical geek, flavio.
  2. solo-trip in my city: london. kinky boots ruuuuulez!
  3. a queer-party with a great happy end.



  1. strolling along the rhine with my fav opera singer, amelia.
  2. the Eurovision Song Contest. see my blogpost https://thisiswhyimvanella.wordpress.com/2016/05/15/an-old-tradition-the-eurovision-song-contest/
  3. hello! adele’s big concert in zurich. moved me to tears. a looot of tears. she is great. she is sooooooo great.



  1. the date at the italian embassy was an greatly refreshing experience: rapid and courteous.
  2. falstaff in geneva. verdi tells us about the fat knight, sir john falstaff, who tried to seduce two married women to gain access to their husbands’ wealth. well… very modern plot, even if it’s a story written in 1893.
  3. the fact, that i was chosen to record an internal advertising jingle – oookay… not an opera, but for a few short seconds, you can actually hear MY voice! lol



  1. the big birthday bash of a beloved friend. welcome in your forties, rosy!
  2. ade live on stage.
  3. hungary trip with my lil brother.



  1. open air cinema with my dear fredy.
  2. sunday brunch and my blossomed orchids.
  3. preparatory works for a big adventure.



  1. INDIA
  2. LOVE
  3. MY LOVE; my kind, patient, tender and amazing love.



  1. trip to austria: opera, caffe and sacher cake.
  2. ade’s release party. her new CD is just hot. download it on iTunes (SALVAMI)
  3. my goddaughter is now 6 years old. my lil frozen-princess is truly precious and pretty, ooh so pretty! 🙂



  1. after ages: a job interview. in LONDON.
  2. the italian VIP – big brother.
  3. musical-jam-session.



  1. christmas shopping.
  2. off days.
  3. christmas eve with my extended family.


but my favorite things, trips, parties or locations would never have been my favorite things, if I could not share them with my favorite people. above all a special one. the special one.

thank you 2016.

My dear ex-friend…

… You quit my life a few years ago, but I still find myself thinking of you or having those weird dreams about us… And it makes me feel awkward, restless, as if it was my fault. But it was not. It was not my fault… YOU just decided to go, to cut me instantly out of your life. You. My friend. The one holding me and vowing to never let me go. Forever. Strong together. All for one and one for all. But for some reason we are not the musketeers anymore.

See… They call it destiny; you cross the way of another person „randomly“ and walk with them through life. And I actually enjoyed strolling along down the street of life with you. I couldn’t help being swept away by you and the enthusiastic way you act out your femininity. You taught me all the best things about being a girl; how to dress well, how to be coquettish and to be proud of my curves, my stubborn curls and my horrible nose… I so loved our laughter, our shopping days, our arguments, our „quality time“, your fascinating world, so edgy and so much different from mine but worth to be experienced. It was so easy for me to accept all of you, but also to by myself in your company, to open up my heart and show you each and every facet of my being. Yet, if was not the same for you. You have always hided your real YOU behind a fake smile, behind your hollow eyes. And though: from time to time, you left open the door to your soul which allowed me a furtive look behind the curtain… It was a sad backstage, full of resentment, hate, self-pity and disillusionments. It goes without saying: I wanted to help. I wanted you to be happy and cheerful again. Reshape that fake smile into a genuine one. Fill up your eyes with colors, excitement, self-confidence, fantastic moments and above all: love. I wanted to show you, that you’re unique and perfect the way you are. For real.

But my reaction bewildered you.

So you decided to let me go. I’m not your friend anymore. Thanks to Facebook, the concept of „defriending“ has become part of our culture. With a click of a mouse, you can remove someone from your friend’s roster and never again see an annoying status update or another vacation photo from a person you want out of your life. Thus, I will never know, if your husband treats you kind… I will never know, if the birth of your son went well and if he cries a lot during the night. You clicked me out of your life. It’s as simple as that. Well, for you anyway. Not to me. And the worst thing is: I do not even know why all that happened. You have never told me. You have never explained yourself. Was it necessary to cross out some names from your little black book? Did you feel suddenly annoyed by my presence? Maybe you were getting scared from so much love coming your way? No answers, only questions. So I decided to not ask (myself) anymore, because I will find only more questions instead of reasonable answers.

I do not hate you. I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you would never be.

Nevermind. Actually, this time it’s me to decide to quit. For good.

Thank you. Farewell.



The pearl of the Danube

Someone said: „once a year go some place you have never been before“. So I did. With my brother we visited Budapest. A magnetic city where Celts, Romans, Huns, Germanic tribes, Slavs and at the very end, the Magyars left their marks. What a potpourri of ethnicity… And the traces of all of them are still visible as far as the eye can see.

We landed in a crowded city. In fact, 20% of Hungary’s population lives in Budapest. The well-informed man on the „hopp-on/hoff-off“-bus said so. Yes. He told us that every 5th person in Hungary is a „Budapester“. Oh, and I was truly surprised to find out, that the so-called capital of freedom is two cities in one: Buda, a city on a hill where you can find the Castle and Pest, the flat land across the Danube where all the modern fun takes place.

Okay, I don’t wanna write a Wikipedia-entry, but let’s talk about climate: I would never think, but Budapest is hot. I mean: HOT. Literally. Not only because it has more thermal springs than any other city in the world. It is warm or actually: very, very warm. It has as much summer sunshine as many Mediterranean resorts. But we experienced also one of those sudden heavy showers. OMG! It was raining cats and dogs… But fortunately, we found a shelter at Nagy Vásárcsarnok… No, I cannot pronounce it neither, so for all not-hungarian among us: It is simply the great Market Hall…Budapests big and oldest indoor market who is offering meats, pastries, candies, spices, and spirits such as paprika, tokali and caviar. The second floor has mainly eateries and souvenirs. And a multitude of people. They are everywhere. Not really a place to be for a claustrophobic folk.

What an eclecticism; you can see ancient, (neo) gothic, renaissance and byzantine buildings along its streets. One of my favorite was the Mátyás-templom, the roman catholic church in front of the Fisherman’s Bastion at the heart of Buda’s castle district. I have seldom seen such a magnificent church and a picturesque surrounding area. The other place I fell in love with, was the great synagogue in Dohány street, with the onion domes (yes, onion). We just had to go inside and have a look… What I saw was just „wow“… Internal frescoes made of golden geometric shapes. Men sit on the ground-floor, while the upper gallery, has seats for women. I cannot explain the feeling i had while walking through the Holocaust memorial park who is in the rear courtyard… I was getting a little bit sad. Or maybe I just realized what happened there a couple of decades ago.

How to reach all those wonderful sites, landmarks, utcas, térs and úts? By bus, tram or underground! After London (my Love), Budapest has the oldest underground train system in Europe. So you can easily move around. Yes, because there are more than 40 theaters and over 100 museums and galleries and you can impossible just walk the whole day and night through. It is also in the spotlight for the copious festivals (very famous ones), concerts and events.

What else? Oh, yes… A lot of famous kids were born in Budapest: the statesman Gyula Andrássy, the charming actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, the magic Harry Houdini, the virtuoso pianist Franz Liszt and last but not least, well… the aphrodisiac Ilona Staller!  🙂

Budapest welcomed us with their friendly people, the smell of good food in the air, yelling custodian (I almost suffered a heart attack, just because I was taking a picture inside a museum), kind waiters who never laughed at me because of my funny Hungarian pronunciation (I couldn’t order a „McReggeli“ at McDonalds without a smile) and the amazingness of its history…

promoted to new sofia… in the blink of an eye!

sunday morning. „early“ sunday morning (around 9:30am). I was suffer from insomnia last night. so i decided to bring an end to that and go having a coffee somewhere.

a woman did enter the coffee shop where I was having my breakfast. she looked around and then gazed at me. i was drinking my coffee supposing not to see her, but she approached quickly my table. in her hand a biiiig canon-camera.


and i was a bit 😳 it’s early sunday morning, I wasn’t ready for conversation (lol). but I’m friendly (most of the time):

“hey”, I answered.

“you know what? I’m a photographer and I noticed immediately your beautiful eyes.”

(b-b-beautiful eyes? in a sunday morning? after a „boozy“ night? i look like a panda. an old one.)

“this is my card. please come and visit me… I really think i could make interesting pictures of your face… you’re italian, isn’t it?”

again: 😳. Is that so obvious?

“y-y-yes, I am”, all of a dither i tried to answer her.

„it’s your name: SOFIA?”

“no! why sofia?“, WTF

and she was like: “oh, you know, I think it’s only you and sofia loren having such mesmerizing eyes!”

yes… I see! okay… ehm… thanks. grazie. where are is the hidden camera?

and. i appeal to the „one and only“: (holy) sofia. please forgive them; for they know not what they do… or rather: say (… in this case)

An old tradition: The Eurovision Song Contest

Stockholm, 2016

I really must say, I liked a lot of songs this year (which is very aberrant to me). It was the Eurovision of insane energy, immense emotions and some of big, bigger, may I say, the biggest quiffs I have ever seen.

Please: This is not a ranking list or a professional and serious review. I’m not in that position. They’re just a few of my absurd considerations about the show me, Ben & Jerry were watching at. Here we go:


For Belgium: Laura Tesoro
„What’s the pressure“ (Listen to the beginning part of the song… Reminded me to „Another One Bites the dust“ by the Queen)
Old-School up-Tempo Funk but in a modern act.
The Brussels sprout with italian roots is very refreshing and one can hear and see she obviously like Bruno Mars very much.


For the Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková
„I stand“
Possesses an amazing vocal range. Inspiring song. Delicate.
Our Elsa from „Frozen“ is very graceful but actually dressed like a table napkin with an cauliflower-necklace.


For The Netherlands: Douwe Bob
„Slow Down“ (why should I, Bob?)
Zack Efron moved to Amsterdam? When was that?
Country style. Contemporary sound. Smooth voice. *wink, wink*


For Azerbaijan: Samra
Powerful groove and catchy chorus. Dramatic break-up story, but it’s not a ballad.
Her face: very kardashianish. Her perform: quite inspired by Beyoncé. She has a golden tracksuit and mic. She definitely could be the next Bond-girl.


For Hungary: Freddie
Now, I definitely want to live in Hungary! Sexy guy in a thermal vest (with a poor cut)
A song about inner struggles. Outstanding voice. I very appreciated the raucous sound. But this whistle-choir, Freddie… No go!
Favorite feature: the tambourin man! 🙂


For Italy: Francesca Michielin
„Nessun grado di separazione“ (No degree of separation)
Scratchy but soften voice and song (in original language).
She is a bit too excited this little Snow White with the tree-dress.


For Israel: Hovi Star
„Made of stars“ (oh, thanks…)
Amazing singer, vigorous voice. Hypnotizing. Remembers me a bit to an anthem and to Conchitas little brother.
What a quiff… By the way, he is the hairstylist.


For Bulgary: Poli Genova
„If love was a crime“ (I would have been in jail for a few years at least)
Very nineties. Cool song. Love the passion and the energy.
Flown in from Gundam, I think, since she is wearing a retroreflector something. Oh, and I definitely want those earrings (not).


For Sweden: Frans
„If I were sorry“ (no false hopes: at the end he is not sorry, no)
This very shy version of Jack Dawson from Titanic has a fragile voice.
Natural, cute boy. He makes me smile. Nice rhythm.


For Germany: Jamie-Lee
„Ghost“ (where… where?)
Cosplay-time: Looks like she has jumped out of an anime.
Pop-Ballad. Fascinating artist. Relaxing voice.


For France: Amir
„J’ai cherché“ (I’ve been looking for) (for me? Please say yes!)
Joyful. Modern voice meets catchy tune, ergo: an absolute triumph.
Très charmant! An expressive young man. Just one thing to your hair: wrong softener, Amir! 🙂


For Poland: Michal Szpak
„Color of your life“
An explosion of energy especially in the chorus. Terrific.
The impenetrable captain Hook has a powerful voice.
Will he ever find Neverland?


For Australia: Dami Im
„Sound of silence“
Amazing vocals; big voice for such a tiny australian manga girl.
Kinda (too) elaborate costumes… It’s not a dress, it’s a galaxy!
Wicked stage design.


For Ciprus: Minus one
„Alter ego“
OMG: Rock-ish energy. Sympathetic squad.
Completely mad guys and the craziest one dyed his beard in turquoise (good choice dude, fits with the stage lights)


For Serbia: Zaa Sanja Vucic
„Goodbye (Shelter)“
Dramatic rock ballad and an intense interpretation. And she was almost moved to tears.
Didn’t get this dress, but her necklace emitted its own light.


For Lithuania: Donny Motell
„I’ve been waiting for this night“ (Okay then, it’s your turn and the stage is yours!)
… Yeah, he did rock it, regardless the straitjacket he is wearing.
Modern and strong voice.
A Lithuanian Justin Bieber with an eighties-quiff.


For Croatia: Nina Kraljić
„Lighthouse“ (obviously she dedicated that song to the Jehovah’s Witnesses)
Unique interpretation, though her voice has a similar timbre as Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries).
May I say, she looks like a manic samurai?! lol


For Russia: Sergej Lazarev
„You’re the only one“ (They all say so)
The black Icarus.
Nice voice, catchy song… But I admit, that I really focussed on that amazing show. I honestly didn’t get how he was climbing this steps popping out of the wall…


For Spain: Barei
„Say yay!“ (YAY)
An up tempo, feel-good song.
Spanish effervescence and emotional vibes.


For Letland: Justs
„Heartbeat“ (… a song for cardiologist (lol))
Strong voice.
Prince charming in a cool rock format.


For Ukraine: Jamala
Soul voice, very mystical. Complicated vocal technics.
A intense, suffering song dedicated to her grandmother.


For Malta: Ira Losco
„Walk on water“ (I can’t, I’m not Jesus)
You can dance your socks off to it.
The LGBTI-rights advocate is clearly expecting. Anyway, that doesn’t prevent her from wearing a breathtaking dress.


For Georgia: Nike Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz
„Midnight gold“
A rock-bomb with their very own special and creative style.
Unfortunately, a genre which is usually not very considered in this sphere.
Oh, and the bass player bear a resemblance to Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher.


For Austria: Zoé
„Loin d’ici“ (Far from here)
Aaawww… A french-speaking Empress Sissi.
A quiet, sweet song full of positive vibes.
Amazing stage setting that takes the audience on a journey in a colorful fantasy world.
Good and sweet like a Sacher cake.


For United Kingdom: Joe and Jake
„You’re not alone“ (Trust me, we all are)
Catchy modern pop style.
In 2015 they both participated in the fourth series of The Voice UK and became a duo after the show ended. Vocally the boys are sounding great.
One of the composers is Matt Schwartz (who wrote for many big stars, such as Robbie Williams)


For Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan
„LoveWave“ (don’t drown 😉
Whispery at the beginning turn into a powerful lovesong.
Great show, nice voice, but in one or two cases fails to reach high pitches comfortably. Anyway, I don’t think people noticed that; people remained certainly blinded by the beauty of this armenian catwoman with the most perfect cheekbones I ever seen.


Congrats to the Ukraine. Very well done!

London… Love at second sight.

A lot of people keep asking me, why I love to be in London or even think about to move there. „What is actually the motivation you want to be part of that world?“

The first time I was strolling along Oxford and Carnaby street, I was quite shocked of this big and wild city and that horrendous fragrance of incense sticks in the air was suffocating me. Everything was so new, then, 10 years ago. I didn’t really like it. I was rather scared than amazed and the only thing I wanted, was actually to go back home. Instantly.  At that time I was attending english class in Brighton and I thought I would never ever come back in this strange country again, where people use to have carpet in their bathroom and they seriously eat bacon and beans for breakfast. I had a 4-weeks-stay. And the first two weeks were a big mess: I was always crying (like really every day), I didn’t like my host family, I was ill, my class mates were conceited and arrogant and I was so terribly homesick. I wanted to catch the first flight back and forget about this „hell“.

Then… One Sunday morning, I was lying awake in bed. Crying. Of course. And suddenly I stopped. ‚Silly girl‘, I thought. ‚You came to Brighton, because of the Pier, the beach and the sea.‘ Sea means „home“ to me, as my hometown in Italy is located directly by the Ionian sea. ‚So go. Go and have a look. Go to the beach and just relax.’ And I did it. As I arrived at the rocky beach of Brighton it was very early in the morning… And I didn’t had my first coffee yet, but even though, I tried to stay calm. I sat down on a big stone and I was thinking back to the words my beloved grandma once told me: „When you are lost and you don’t find peace in your mind and heart: go back to the roots. From where you come from.“ Sea. Home. A strong bound. And for the first time after two tremendous weeks I was inhaling and exhaling consciously. Deeply. In the blink of an eye everything changed. From losing ground to finding myself again.  All of sudden my heart was filled with joy and I felt blessed and as I have been born anew.

The following two weeks were like the two before never existed. A reverse situation: I was happy to be there and to learn a lot about a new culture I was repudiate once. With this new spirit of adventure I  took the next coach to the city I so disliked… Okay: next stop Victoria. London: here I am. Deep breathe. Open your eyes, girl. Diving again in this atmosphere was kinda strange. But at once. There. „What is this feeling, so sudden and new? My pulse is rushing, my head is reeling, my face is flushing… What is this feeling? Fervid as a flame… Does it have a name?” – Yes. LOVE, my dear Elphaba.

Definitely. I was in Love. Yeah… Laugh if you want, but I fell in love with a city.  And the best thing: It accepted me. MEEEE! Someone who always was more or less a discard. In „my world“ people used to dis and dismiss me out of hand because of my look. Because of my weight more precisely! I always thought, that the arrogance, anger and stupid ingratiating way people usually spoke to me was unacceptable. Here everyone was very nice and kind to me, and they seem not to be interested in how I look like. On the contrary. The city was literally embracing me.

I love the people and their way of thinking. The friendliness and helpfulness. Sometime I must have looked very confused, because a dear lady stopped and asked me: „Are you lost, honey?“  – Thanks to social medias and the openminded way of these people i made new friends who are living in the beautiful areas of Notting Hill or Southwark.

I love London, because it celebrates creativity.

I love the music, the endless creative opportunities. As a music and musical junkie, West End is of course one of my favorite destination (oh well… of course). The theater is the place where I feel awe and joy and whole again. And it doesn’t matter if it’s either a dramatic play or a comedy, I just enjoy every second to the fullest.

I love the differentnesses; as a cosmopolitan I love the multitude of communities, the eclectic mix of everything. Multicultural societies who are living peaceful together. A city of infinite possibilities, who simply welcome everyone and this emanate good vibes.

I love London because it holds something for everyone. And if Tate Modern doesn’t float your boat then it’s off with your head at the London Bridge and the Tower.

I love the Dickensian atmosphere in some hidden corners of the city. And I swear I saw Mary Poppins with her flying umbrella among the clouds one day! 😉

I love to promenade in those big and beautiful parks (who are super zen!) You feel as if you are really in the middle of the countryside. Pure nature. Walking along the Southbank is pretty special, too.

I love do shopping in Camden, Carnaby or on the very crowded Oxford street and visiting my friend, Mr Big Ben by sipping my tea.

I love having a coffee in Covent Garden and see if someone is catching a pygmalion like Eliza Doolittle did. LOL

I love its extremes: It is beautiful and rough, and very fast moving and slow, and frenetic and peaceful.

I would love be part of this pulsating city and give proof of my multilingual skills by finding a great job! I know I will never be bored because there’s a plenty of variety in just everything.

That is how London became my epicenter… My priceless treasure.

I love to say that London is my adopted home.

What if I want to believe in it?

Says Samba Cissé, the hero of the french movie „Samba“, a migrant from Senegal to France, who works as a dish washer in a hotel. When Samba is suddenly ordered to leave France, he enlists the help of Alice, an emotionally vulnerable immigration advocate with little experience but plenty of heart. Inevitably, she falls in love with him and he finally falls for her.

But his uncle is hardly questioning the good intentions of the woman; someone with such a different social background. How could this french woman possibly have feelings for his nephew? And most of all: Samba should exclusively think about his future and don’t complicate things with a woman… It’ll mean more trouble – „What can you give a woman after all?“, he asks him.

But Samba strongly believes in this unexpected bond and fiercely replies to his uncle: „Can’t I decide for myself for once? How do you know what’s right for me? WHAT IF I WANT TO BELIEVE IN IT?”, this was what struck me personally. So, when someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s more a reflection of their limitations, not yours…