my favorite things.

maria in „the sound of music“, was singing about her favorite things, like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles, snowflakes that stay on her nose and eyelashes and silver white winters that melt into springs. – well. i thought that was a good idea: to select things to fill my mind with when times are bad. for 2016, they were the following ones:


  1. my blog: my friends, especially one of them, had to do a lot of convincing but at the end I did it; i started with this post (partially written in italian and english)
  2. january, 21st. special date, for me and ade, another aquarius-girls.
  3. only couple of days after my birthday another non-consanguineous nephew was born! 🙂 welcome gioele.



  1. my surgery.
  2. the fact, there were no medical complications during the surgery.
  3. the day i left the hospital and went back home after my surgery.



  1. my new glasses. burberry baby.
  2. the new movie with omar sy (chocolat). popcorn and a coke for me…
  3. the second birthday of my godson, nael.



  1. jesus christ superstar with my musical geek, flavio.
  2. solo-trip in my city: london. kinky boots ruuuuulez!
  3. a queer-party with a great happy end.



  1. strolling along the rhine with my fav opera singer, amelia.
  2. the Eurovision Song Contest. see my blogpost
  3. hello! adele’s big concert in zurich. moved me to tears. a looot of tears. she is great. she is sooooooo great.



  1. the date at the italian embassy was an greatly refreshing experience: rapid and courteous.
  2. falstaff in geneva. verdi tells us about the fat knight, sir john falstaff, who tried to seduce two married women to gain access to their husbands’ wealth. well… very modern plot, even if it’s a story written in 1893.
  3. the fact, that i was chosen to record an internal advertising jingle – oookay… not an opera, but for a few short seconds, you can actually hear MY voice! lol



  1. the big birthday bash of a beloved friend. welcome in your forties, rosy!
  2. ade live on stage.
  3. hungary trip with my lil brother.



  1. open air cinema with my dear fredy.
  2. sunday brunch and my blossomed orchids.
  3. preparatory works for a big adventure.



  1. INDIA
  2. LOVE
  3. MY LOVE; my kind, patient, tender and amazing love.



  1. trip to austria: opera, caffe and sacher cake.
  2. ade’s release party. her new CD is just hot. download it on iTunes (SALVAMI)
  3. my goddaughter is now 6 years old. my lil frozen-princess is truly precious and pretty, ooh so pretty! 🙂



  1. after ages: a job interview. in LONDON.
  2. the italian VIP – big brother.
  3. musical-jam-session.



  1. christmas shopping.
  2. off days.
  3. christmas eve with my extended family.


but my favorite things, trips, parties or locations would never have been my favorite things, if I could not share them with my favorite people. above all a special one. the special one.

thank you 2016.

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