promoted to new sofia… in the blink of an eye!

sunday morning. „early“ sunday morning (around 9:30am). I was suffer from insomnia last night. so i decided to bring an end to that and go having a coffee somewhere.

a woman did enter the coffee shop where I was having my breakfast. she looked around and then gazed at me. i was drinking my coffee supposing not to see her, but she approached quickly my table. in her hand a biiiig canon-camera.


and i was a bit 😳 it’s early sunday morning, I wasn’t ready for conversation (lol). but I’m friendly (most of the time):

“hey”, I answered.

“you know what? I’m a photographer and I noticed immediately your beautiful eyes.”

(b-b-beautiful eyes? in a sunday morning? after a „boozy“ night? i look like a panda. an old one.)

“this is my card. please come and visit me… I really think i could make interesting pictures of your face… you’re italian, isn’t it?”

again: 😳. Is that so obvious?

“y-y-yes, I am”, all of a dither i tried to answer her.

„it’s your name: SOFIA?”

“no! why sofia?“, WTF

and she was like: “oh, you know, I think it’s only you and sofia loren having such mesmerizing eyes!”

yes… I see! okay… ehm… thanks. grazie. where are is the hidden camera?

and. i appeal to the „one and only“: (holy) sofia. please forgive them; for they know not what they do… or rather: say (… in this case)

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