An old tradition: The Eurovision Song Contest

Stockholm, 2016

I really must say, I liked a lot of songs this year (which is very aberrant to me). It was the Eurovision of insane energy, immense emotions and some of big, bigger, may I say, the biggest quiffs I have ever seen.

Please: This is not a ranking list or a professional and serious review. I’m not in that position. They’re just a few of my absurd considerations about the show me, Ben & Jerry were watching at. Here we go:


For Belgium: Laura Tesoro
„What’s the pressure“ (Listen to the beginning part of the song… Reminded me to „Another One Bites the dust“ by the Queen)
Old-School up-Tempo Funk but in a modern act.
The Brussels sprout with italian roots is very refreshing and one can hear and see she obviously like Bruno Mars very much.


For the Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková
„I stand“
Possesses an amazing vocal range. Inspiring song. Delicate.
Our Elsa from „Frozen“ is very graceful but actually dressed like a table napkin with an cauliflower-necklace.


For The Netherlands: Douwe Bob
„Slow Down“ (why should I, Bob?)
Zack Efron moved to Amsterdam? When was that?
Country style. Contemporary sound. Smooth voice. *wink, wink*


For Azerbaijan: Samra
Powerful groove and catchy chorus. Dramatic break-up story, but it’s not a ballad.
Her face: very kardashianish. Her perform: quite inspired by Beyoncé. She has a golden tracksuit and mic. She definitely could be the next Bond-girl.


For Hungary: Freddie
Now, I definitely want to live in Hungary! Sexy guy in a thermal vest (with a poor cut)
A song about inner struggles. Outstanding voice. I very appreciated the raucous sound. But this whistle-choir, Freddie… No go!
Favorite feature: the tambourin man! 🙂


For Italy: Francesca Michielin
„Nessun grado di separazione“ (No degree of separation)
Scratchy but soften voice and song (in original language).
She is a bit too excited this little Snow White with the tree-dress.


For Israel: Hovi Star
„Made of stars“ (oh, thanks…)
Amazing singer, vigorous voice. Hypnotizing. Remembers me a bit to an anthem and to Conchitas little brother.
What a quiff… By the way, he is the hairstylist.


For Bulgary: Poli Genova
„If love was a crime“ (I would have been in jail for a few years at least)
Very nineties. Cool song. Love the passion and the energy.
Flown in from Gundam, I think, since she is wearing a retroreflector something. Oh, and I definitely want those earrings (not).


For Sweden: Frans
„If I were sorry“ (no false hopes: at the end he is not sorry, no)
This very shy version of Jack Dawson from Titanic has a fragile voice.
Natural, cute boy. He makes me smile. Nice rhythm.


For Germany: Jamie-Lee
„Ghost“ (where… where?)
Cosplay-time: Looks like she has jumped out of an anime.
Pop-Ballad. Fascinating artist. Relaxing voice.


For France: Amir
„J’ai cherché“ (I’ve been looking for) (for me? Please say yes!)
Joyful. Modern voice meets catchy tune, ergo: an absolute triumph.
Très charmant! An expressive young man. Just one thing to your hair: wrong softener, Amir! 🙂


For Poland: Michal Szpak
„Color of your life“
An explosion of energy especially in the chorus. Terrific.
The impenetrable captain Hook has a powerful voice.
Will he ever find Neverland?


For Australia: Dami Im
„Sound of silence“
Amazing vocals; big voice for such a tiny australian manga girl.
Kinda (too) elaborate costumes… It’s not a dress, it’s a galaxy!
Wicked stage design.


For Ciprus: Minus one
„Alter ego“
OMG: Rock-ish energy. Sympathetic squad.
Completely mad guys and the craziest one dyed his beard in turquoise (good choice dude, fits with the stage lights)


For Serbia: Zaa Sanja Vucic
„Goodbye (Shelter)“
Dramatic rock ballad and an intense interpretation. And she was almost moved to tears.
Didn’t get this dress, but her necklace emitted its own light.


For Lithuania: Donny Motell
„I’ve been waiting for this night“ (Okay then, it’s your turn and the stage is yours!)
… Yeah, he did rock it, regardless the straitjacket he is wearing.
Modern and strong voice.
A Lithuanian Justin Bieber with an eighties-quiff.


For Croatia: Nina Kraljić
„Lighthouse“ (obviously she dedicated that song to the Jehovah’s Witnesses)
Unique interpretation, though her voice has a similar timbre as Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries).
May I say, she looks like a manic samurai?! lol


For Russia: Sergej Lazarev
„You’re the only one“ (They all say so)
The black Icarus.
Nice voice, catchy song… But I admit, that I really focussed on that amazing show. I honestly didn’t get how he was climbing this steps popping out of the wall…


For Spain: Barei
„Say yay!“ (YAY)
An up tempo, feel-good song.
Spanish effervescence and emotional vibes.


For Letland: Justs
„Heartbeat“ (… a song for cardiologist (lol))
Strong voice.
Prince charming in a cool rock format.


For Ukraine: Jamala
Soul voice, very mystical. Complicated vocal technics.
A intense, suffering song dedicated to her grandmother.


For Malta: Ira Losco
„Walk on water“ (I can’t, I’m not Jesus)
You can dance your socks off to it.
The LGBTI-rights advocate is clearly expecting. Anyway, that doesn’t prevent her from wearing a breathtaking dress.


For Georgia: Nike Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz
„Midnight gold“
A rock-bomb with their very own special and creative style.
Unfortunately, a genre which is usually not very considered in this sphere.
Oh, and the bass player bear a resemblance to Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher.


For Austria: Zoé
„Loin d’ici“ (Far from here)
Aaawww… A french-speaking Empress Sissi.
A quiet, sweet song full of positive vibes.
Amazing stage setting that takes the audience on a journey in a colorful fantasy world.
Good and sweet like a Sacher cake.


For United Kingdom: Joe and Jake
„You’re not alone“ (Trust me, we all are)
Catchy modern pop style.
In 2015 they both participated in the fourth series of The Voice UK and became a duo after the show ended. Vocally the boys are sounding great.
One of the composers is Matt Schwartz (who wrote for many big stars, such as Robbie Williams)


For Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan
„LoveWave“ (don’t drown 😉
Whispery at the beginning turn into a powerful lovesong.
Great show, nice voice, but in one or two cases fails to reach high pitches comfortably. Anyway, I don’t think people noticed that; people remained certainly blinded by the beauty of this armenian catwoman with the most perfect cheekbones I ever seen.


Congrats to the Ukraine. Very well done!

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