London… Love at second sight.

A lot of people keep asking me, why I love to be in London or even think about to move there. „What is actually the motivation you want to be part of that world?“

The first time I was strolling along Oxford and Carnaby street, I was quite shocked of this big and wild city and that horrendous fragrance of incense sticks in the air was suffocating me. Everything was so new, then, 10 years ago. I didn’t really like it. I was rather scared than amazed and the only thing I wanted, was actually to go back home. Instantly.  At that time I was attending english class in Brighton and I thought I would never ever come back in this strange country again, where people use to have carpet in their bathroom and they seriously eat bacon and beans for breakfast. I had a 4-weeks-stay. And the first two weeks were a big mess: I was always crying (like really every day), I didn’t like my host family, I was ill, my class mates were conceited and arrogant and I was so terribly homesick. I wanted to catch the first flight back and forget about this „hell“.

Then… One Sunday morning, I was lying awake in bed. Crying. Of course. And suddenly I stopped. ‚Silly girl‘, I thought. ‚You came to Brighton, because of the Pier, the beach and the sea.‘ Sea means „home“ to me, as my hometown in Italy is located directly by the Ionian sea. ‚So go. Go and have a look. Go to the beach and just relax.’ And I did it. As I arrived at the rocky beach of Brighton it was very early in the morning… And I didn’t had my first coffee yet, but even though, I tried to stay calm. I sat down on a big stone and I was thinking back to the words my beloved grandma once told me: „When you are lost and you don’t find peace in your mind and heart: go back to the roots. From where you come from.“ Sea. Home. A strong bound. And for the first time after two tremendous weeks I was inhaling and exhaling consciously. Deeply. In the blink of an eye everything changed. From losing ground to finding myself again.  All of sudden my heart was filled with joy and I felt blessed and as I have been born anew.

The following two weeks were like the two before never existed. A reverse situation: I was happy to be there and to learn a lot about a new culture I was repudiate once. With this new spirit of adventure I  took the next coach to the city I so disliked… Okay: next stop Victoria. London: here I am. Deep breathe. Open your eyes, girl. Diving again in this atmosphere was kinda strange. But at once. There. „What is this feeling, so sudden and new? My pulse is rushing, my head is reeling, my face is flushing… What is this feeling? Fervid as a flame… Does it have a name?” – Yes. LOVE, my dear Elphaba.

Definitely. I was in Love. Yeah… Laugh if you want, but I fell in love with a city.  And the best thing: It accepted me. MEEEE! Someone who always was more or less a discard. In „my world“ people used to dis and dismiss me out of hand because of my look. Because of my weight more precisely! I always thought, that the arrogance, anger and stupid ingratiating way people usually spoke to me was unacceptable. Here everyone was very nice and kind to me, and they seem not to be interested in how I look like. On the contrary. The city was literally embracing me.

I love the people and their way of thinking. The friendliness and helpfulness. Sometime I must have looked very confused, because a dear lady stopped and asked me: „Are you lost, honey?“  – Thanks to social medias and the openminded way of these people i made new friends who are living in the beautiful areas of Notting Hill or Southwark.

I love London, because it celebrates creativity.

I love the music, the endless creative opportunities. As a music and musical junkie, West End is of course one of my favorite destination (oh well… of course). The theater is the place where I feel awe and joy and whole again. And it doesn’t matter if it’s either a dramatic play or a comedy, I just enjoy every second to the fullest.

I love the differentnesses; as a cosmopolitan I love the multitude of communities, the eclectic mix of everything. Multicultural societies who are living peaceful together. A city of infinite possibilities, who simply welcome everyone and this emanate good vibes.

I love London because it holds something for everyone. And if Tate Modern doesn’t float your boat then it’s off with your head at the London Bridge and the Tower.

I love the Dickensian atmosphere in some hidden corners of the city. And I swear I saw Mary Poppins with her flying umbrella among the clouds one day! 😉

I love to promenade in those big and beautiful parks (who are super zen!) You feel as if you are really in the middle of the countryside. Pure nature. Walking along the Southbank is pretty special, too.

I love do shopping in Camden, Carnaby or on the very crowded Oxford street and visiting my friend, Mr Big Ben by sipping my tea.

I love having a coffee in Covent Garden and see if someone is catching a pygmalion like Eliza Doolittle did. LOL

I love its extremes: It is beautiful and rough, and very fast moving and slow, and frenetic and peaceful.

I would love be part of this pulsating city and give proof of my multilingual skills by finding a great job! I know I will never be bored because there’s a plenty of variety in just everything.

That is how London became my epicenter… My priceless treasure.

I love to say that London is my adopted home.

4 thoughts on “London… Love at second sight.

  1. says:

    Mh…jetzt hani en comment welle hingerla, aber bi nid sicher öbs heta gno…gloubs mache das noni richtig.

    Aber has dir hie kopiert, chasches sus de überekopiere wede wotsch;-)

    So schön gschribe. Super! Me cha sich richtig i di versetze wie du das ufgno hesch. Congrats for this “love of hometown”. I ha ähnlichi Gfühl kha mit Neuseeland…denn…dazumal, vor vielne Jahr woni no jung und schön bi gsi haha, und i hoffe dass du di Troum chasch verwürkliche und dörte chasch läbe. Wünsches dir vo Härze! Und natürlich füehl i mi ou agsproche we du vom West End schribsch. Ooh yes…lets breath this Theatre Air instantly!!! Defying Gravity…you will feel it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thisiswhyimvanella says:

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww… ja. has gwüsst, dass di de agsproche füehlsch! LOL. isch au richtig so! ig ha fröid wenn ig sörigi feedbacks bechume, vowäge, dass de grad a neuseeland hesch müesse dänke, d.h. dass ig mini gfüehl richtig übere bringe und d lüt zu emotione füehre! 🙂 danke spatz! bacioooone


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