March Challenge ~ Day 28: EXPLAIN YOUR LIFE IN 6 WORDS.

Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in six words. He wrote “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Legend has it that Hemingway called it his best work. Hemingway’s story spawned the six word story popularized by Smith Magazine which celebrates personal storytelling.

So will I. Here is my six-words-story:


March Challenge ~ Day 23/24 & 25: SOMETHING YOU’RE READING.

At the moment I’m reading:

Prometto di perderti. – Io, Dj Fabo, e la vita più bella del mondo
(I promise to lose you. – Me, DJ Fabo and the most beautiful life in the world)

The story of the paralysed Italian DJ, who took his own life in Swiss clinic after fruitless euthanasia campaign in Italy.

What happened in the first months of 2017 has made me think a lot. With due respect, I would like to express my thoughts, because I really cannot forget, that weak and tired voice of DJ Fabo, who, being helped by his girlfriend, appealed to President Sergio Mattarella for the right to die: “Mr President, we ask you to intervene, so that everyone is free to choose until the end. Thanks Sergio!”

Why is this explicit theme treated as a sacred ban in his (and also mine) native land? Why is it not mentioned in Parliament and the debate always postponed? DJ Fabo tried to help bring change in Italy so that he didn’t have to suffer the humiliation of being transported to another country to die. Fabiano Antoniani had campaigned for a change in the assisted suicide law, but Italy’s parliament had shelved the debate 11 times.

I am absolutely aware that this is a very sensitive issue. And, of course, I’m talking about terminal diseases, so… When a person’s quality of life is compromised to such an extent that his or her life itself is intolerable…. When you are in full possession of your faculties and you know that there is no chance that science will make important progress in the near future… When you have all experienced them and have always lived in a free spirit, then, I would actually like to be able to choose for myself what to do with them in my life.

But the law, as a mere formal canon, prevails over love, and is pure prohibition.

March Challenge ~ Day 22: YOUR NAME.

Antonella is an Italian version and more feminine derivative of Anthony.

If we do agree with the Greeks, my name should be a derivation of the word “anthos”: Flower… Priceless; inestimable or praiseworthy. On the other hand, the Latin language provides something different: the one who is fighting, facing.

According to the very modern, urban dictionary, there is another signification:

An Italian name for a beautiful, trustworthy girl. Antonella will never let you down and will always keep the party pumped. An Antonella is great to have around at all time because she will always make you smile! She would also be a great girlfriend and a really good kisser too.

Oh well… Pick your fav! LOL